Phönix, full silicone baby, 45cm


Silicone baby "Phönix", made of solid silicone, 45cm, with angled legs



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Phoenix is a real-life-baby with a height of 45 cm with angled legs and a weight of 3600 grams.
Her head circumference is about 36.5 cm.
Phoenix was modeled by me for Baltic Baby, of which it was cast in ecoflex 20.
Phoenix originated from a 2-part shape, which is why you can still see a very small seam that goes around the body. However, this is very inconspicuous, as the baby was dyed in many different layers and techniques with silicone paint. This also makes the silicone seam more inconspicuous.
Phoenix got a beautiful even skin color, which is very smooth and even makes small veins shine through. The baby still looks a little sleepy with her blue Lauschaer glass eyes.
Her hair and also her beautiful long eyelashes are made out of very finely rooted premium mohair.
Her fingernails and toenails were also manicured. Every part of this baby is very carefully, so you have the feeling of a real newborn when Phönix lays in your arms.
The baby can only take a prepared pacifier, as I do not cut my dolls' mouths larger than it was modeled.
I sewed the little girl super cute baby clothes, but she can also wear any size 50/US newborn size clothes.
Phoenix comes to your home with the clothes she wears in the photos, her pacifier, a certificate of authenticity and a small surprise package.

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