Cilia, full silicone baby, premature, 37cm

Cilia with dark hair



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Cilia is a small premature baby, with 37cm length and a weight of 1014 grams.

Her size corresponds to a real baby born in the 28th week.

With her beautiful blue eyes she still looks a little incredulous and skeptical into the world.

This little one is super flexible, as she was molded in an Ecoflex compound that is Shore 15.

Everything from this baby can be placed in any position because it is so soft and flexible. That's why little Cilia lies super well in the arm.

Her hair was rooted very finely in a babylike way. The eyelashes are made of the same mohair.

Cilia has a lot of real looking skin wrinkles, like you can find in real premature babies.

The baby shows a typical newborn skin, with small pimples, skin redness and shimmering veins, which are due to the elaborate dyeing technique.

The skin color was created using many different layers and techniques of applied silicone paint.

Her fingernails and toenails were finely manicured.

I sewed the baby's clothes myself, but they also fit clothes for premature babies in size 38.

Cilia comes to your home in his clothes she wears, a certificate of authenticity and a small surprise package.

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